September 16, 2002 0

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i just wrote the worst paper in my life. seriously, it’s bad. i think i’m gonna try to revise it & make it not so bad tomorrow, but i don’t think there’s much hope. i’m actually kind of embarrassed to turn it in, but it’s already 1:30 am & i just want to be done with this. i just don’t care. i went into the assignment not liking it & not knowing how i wanted to write it, and i thought the extension we got was a blessing. oh. it wasn’t. you could say i had a little too much fun this weekend, so when today rolled around, i was more concerned with making myself not feel like shit anymore than writing a stupid paper. this school work is driving me crazy. it’s taking up my time & stressing me out. i have some cool stories from last week to tell, but no time to tell them. i will soon though. anyway, if anyone can tell me how in the hell we raped nebraska saturday night, please let me know. fucking ridiculous. 7-40. and as i continue to kick myself in the ass for not going to that game…

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