September 10, 2002 0

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the dealings over at survivorcam opened up a world of opportunity for me this weekend. a world of karaoke. all weekend i downloaded any song i could think of done in karaoke style. man, the shit’s off the hook. i can’t wait till my roommates are both out of the place at the same time so i can really belt out britney & the backstreet boys. i’m telling you guys, i’m killer. i even found pink floyd & led zeppelin. i’ve decided i need to go out for karaoke night some day. of course i need to get all liquored up due to the traumatic experience from the last time i did karaoke on a cruise ship when i was like, 13.

as if i couldn’t love hooters any more…


this guy rocks

woo, anyway, i’ve been slacking on the page, i know. the ice queen’s been melting, guys. ha. & my roommates are continually feeding me pot. my classes are kinda shitty, & i had originally thought i’d end up spending my time reading the 25097301 books i have to buy. but it turns out i’m not really reading that much, as usual, & it’s working out so far. i have to write a paper for english, & i think i’m gonna end up writing about how to be a webmaster. if it’s any good i’ll stick it up here for you guys to read. hell, maybe it’ll help you fucktards to make better sites. anyway, we started growing eugene again. he gets no sun, but he’s still sprouting, the little trooper. we’re thinking about getting a whole chia garden…line up the windowsill with a ton of chia pets. now tell me that wouldn’t be cool. people would be dying to hang out at our joint then. yep yep.

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