September 6, 2002 0

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just do it

i am at a loss for words describing what this commercial does to me. maybe it’s cuz i was stoned outta my mind every time i saw it, but man, that shit moves me. my heart starts pumping, i feel the adrenaline rush, i want to just get up & run around & go apeshit. & i really want to be an athlete every time i see it. i don’t know if it’s the music or just the images…but nike hit this one right on the ball. this commercial is my crack. i downloaded the music & i’ve been listening to it nonstop for the past half hour. i could possibly give myself a heart attack. either that or i’ll jump out my window & run down the street & jump over the mail box or something. tomorrow i will sit at my computer for hours & hours waiting…watching…i need to download this commercial so i can watch it over & over & over again. everyone thinks i’m crazy. whatever. i’m so emotional now, i’m ready to cry. I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL!! but come on, look at the weight lifter dude! every time i see it i think he has down syndrome! man, i wish i was in sports. then i would feel the way i feel when i see this commercial only it would be real & i’d be little miss athlete & it’d be cool. is there anyone out there who feels this way, too? i now believe in the power of subliminal messages. it’s the same as the hypnotic trance kitty gives you.

just do it just do it just doi tjust doit jjsutdoitjustdo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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