August 29, 2002 0

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wow, i really suck huh. maybe this living with people deal wasn’t so hot after all. if i’m not working or in class, i’m out. or i’m stoned. seriously, i haven’t been this “busy” in awhile now. & tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. i can’t remember the last time i got to sleep past 8 am. & the fact i’m even updating with this wussy little post is saying a lot. wanna know how lazy i’ve been getting? my one class is kinda close to my house, & since parking is just lame on campus, it’s easier to park at my house & walk to class from there. so instead of parking in my driveway, i parked on the street 4 houses down, cuz what the hell, that’s 4 houses closer to my class! you can park on the street for 2 hours, it’s all good. well. my dad threatened to take the car away if i parked on the street again cuz he was disgusted at how lazy i am. dude, in the winter that extra 4 house difference is gonna be worth it! god, i can’t believe i got in trouble for doing that.

so yeah, classes started yesterday. i dunno how i feel about it yet. yesterday i had this one class that i really wanted to take. i tried to schedule it last semester but it didn’t work out & i was so excited i got in this time around. well, i hate it. maybe not hate, but shit, the prof went on & on & on & then showed a 2 hour movie. who shows movies on the first day of class?! of course i fell asleep, thought the movie blew, & then freaked when i saw i had to write 3 8-page papers about hitchcock movies. on top of english 202?? fuck no, bitch. so i found another class, it’s all good. it’s kinda shitty to think about the fact that i’m kinda stuck with my classes now since i’m almost done with school. i don’t have that flexibility of putting off classes until other semesters & shit. i haven’t even seen my advisor in awhile. so maybe i wont be graduating in may, who knows.

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