August 21, 2002 0

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OH. MY. GOD. I AM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE. you don’t even understand, i have been ranting & raving & screaming for the past 20 minutes. today i went to the bookstore just to check out what books i needed for class. i wasn’t planning on buying any cuz i do that like halfway into the semester. but i looked at my spanish 3 book cuz that is something i really do have to buy early. $54 fucking dollars. oh no, just look at how big the fucking thing is!

temas es retardo

so i know i’m getting ripped off. but i just found out how badly penn state is raping me. the whole book is broken up into 3 little books, 1 per spanish class. YOU CAN BUY THE WHOLE 500 PAGE BOOK FOR THE SAME FUCKING PRICE AS THE SPANISH 3 BOOK. it’s even hard cover! they sell the stupid thing on amazon auctions for even less. so basically i will be spending $150 bucks when i could have bought the big book off the net for anywhere around $30-$60.

@#%$@#%!@#$^#^$ die die die.

the bookstore can’t rip you off as much now that amazon’s around. if you take wussy liberal arts classes that assign books that some people actually read for pleasure, the bookstore can’t jack up prices, cuz everyone would go to amazon. but those sneaky pieces of shit had to go find a way to rip me off. WITH THE ONE CLASS I HATE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. they even try to make you buy this gay tech pack THAT YOU DON’T EVEN USE. i am going to cry. & i refuse to buy my books there now. but what the hell’s the point of spending $60 on this temas book off amazon with chapters i’ve already been through?? when i’m 50 years old i will remember this & still be pissed off, i’m not even kidding. someone, please buy the rest of my textbooks off my wishlist. it’s the only way we can fight the injustices of these money hungry universities.

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