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sometimes i’m not a nice person. i like to spend the majority of my internet time on cu-seeme, & most of that time is spent playing back video of the lovely masturbators that ever so frequently bare all on the ref. so one particular day i’m sitting there replaying some random wanker’s vid & not even paying much attention when this chick goes completely psycho on me. & the rest of the people there couldn’t figure out that i’m a hot chick who’s on cu on a regular basis. that was a fun day. let me show you! it’s long, but man…so worth reading.

Alice: you sick fuckin puppy you are being captured and sent to the cu owners u will be booted outa here for life

Alice: people like you are child molestors

rhiannon (m): i’m not even bothering anyone

rhiannon (m): in fact, you are harassing me

Alice: you should be fuckin hung from a tree where the public can torcher you

rhiannon (m): are you a lesbian or something?

Alice: you are sitting there with your dick in my face dicjhead

amanda7: you will get warts doing that little boy rhiannon

Alice: wonder why i don’t show my face in here when i have to look at that would you be walking around in public with your dick stickin out? no cause you would be arrested asso

rhiannon (m): that’s why i’m not walking around in public

Alice: no cause you would not get away with it what do you think we are the fuckin meat market this is a general chat room not a porn room


Alice: you make me wanna puke guys like you if i found my man on here doing this i would shoot him

rhiannon (m): alice has some penis issues

rhiannon (m): i’m totally getting dyke vibes

amanda7: jealous rhiannon

Alice: dyke or no dyke you are still a sick moron

amanda7: change name from rhiannon to moron

rhiannon (m): you are obviously a very unhappy person with issues. i hope you seek help someday. i am glad i am free to be myself

Alice: who else would want you but your mother ?

rhiannon (m): people attack when threatened. what might you be threatened of?

rhiannon (m): my mom loves me

Alice: go tell your mommy she wants you rhinnnamoron

rhiannon (m): should i go call her right now & ask if she wants me?

Alice: i think guys like moron grew up wqith incest.. did you moron this is your new name

rhiannon (m): yeah my mom & my dad touched my nono spots

rhiannon (m): i was minding my own business!

rhiannon (m): i was wrongfully attacked!

Alice: yeah right you were go stick your dick in your mother moron

rhiannon (m): my mom’s at work, i have to wait till later

rhiannon (m): why can’t i enjoy masturbating on my webcam?

rhiannon (m): it is a natural thing!

Alice: no one wants to see u moron get it?

amanda7: you might damage the cam

Alice: fuck off and die when you do blow ass fucker

rhiannon (m): i think the real question here is were you abused?

rhiannon (m): you are very hostile towards men & sex

amanda7: with idiots like u no wonder

Alice: only when i come in here and have to look at sick pups like u that is abuse i happen to come from a very good home my opinion as nothing to do with the way i was raised

rhiannon (m): lets cyber s3x0r

rhiannon (m): alice i think you secretly enjoy my vid, you’re still looking

rhiannon (m): it’s hot, i know

rhiannon (m): no need to tell me

Alice: dream on queer

Alice: practice safe sex go screw yourself moron

Alice: hey i am with you there net i just copy his chats and then i send them off i have his ip number he will get booted out just like i did JOHN

rhiannon (m): please ban me so i’m forced to go out into the real world to touch little children on playgrounds

then she closed my vid & ignored me. gosh, this was so great i skipped a nap. i was totally LOLing at that, seriously. ROFL even.

oh, & i guess it’s not my night to get stalked & killed by 30 year old webmasters. so sad. oh yeah & i have a question about this ikonboard crap. i got stuck messing with the settings of the survivorcam message board & i hate that thing, i want to kill it. but yeah can someone who knows what they’re doing help me out? go to the forum & you see how the text is white in the area where it’s black? is there anyway i can have the white text in the gray area be black, while the rest is white?

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