August 18, 2002 0

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i have a problem. you see, when it gets hot out you know, your armpits start to sweat & get smelly, right? it’s just the nature of the beast. but…see…it’s only my left armpit that stinks. my right one has no smell at all, but the left one smells like funky chinese food or something. i don’t understand. but frankly, it’s just odd.

anyway, my parents taught me that bitching & moaning, & indirectly asking for things would never get you anywhere. boy, were they wrong! i now give survivorcam 3 my blessing. so go now & pay attention to the game & stuff. i get to be the village idiot for the game. basically, it was a way to weasel my way into the game somehow for the sake of mooching hits & getting to ramble on about the game to a larger audience. go me!

& for all you kiddies hot for 30 year old net cock, you might want to check the cam tomorrow night, cuz everyone’s favorite pig decided he wanted to leave the armpit of america (could it possibly smell like my left armpit?) to come kick it with me, penn state style. i’ve only really started talking to him for a day now, hmm. yay for internet dork meetings IRL.

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