August 17, 2002 0

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for the love of god…so it’s been 2 months since the site’s been up…wah wah cry me a river. want to know what i’ve been doing? stuff. i don’t even know what i’ve been doing. i work & get up at 6:30 in the morning, as opposed to going to bed at 6:30 like normal so you know, i’ve like, become boring. uh, i moved, i’ve been going to the bars a lot more than i expected, i saw the who & journey, & i went to tennessee for a wedding (& picked the bouquet off the ground since no one made any attempt to catch the damn thing…am i still getting married soon??). some cool shit happened that would make for good blogs, but i don’t remember anymore. but lets move on now. see, i haven’t done one single thing with the site since i’ve been down, & when i finally get back to the love of my life, the internet, i find that all hell’s broken loose! i’m all out of the loop now! so my favoritist camgirls ever are duking it out, & i find out that survivorcam has been resurrected. so now instead of cleaning my kitchen to get rid of that funky smell, i feel like i need to go full speed ahead & like, do stuff here.

you know i’m all about this survivorcam thing. i wanted to be a judge for the next survivorcam & well, when you snooze you loose, so my only option is to take out a judge & schmooze it up with piggy. don’t think that i wont…school’s not back & i have a car. & i’m not afraid to use it, either, to pull a tonya harding. motherfuckers. but i guess i can think of survivorcam this way…this is like, survivorcam the next generation. i was all high & mighty figuring i’d go down in history as the final survivorcam winner forever & ever. but i’m ok with this new game see, cuz i can be captain kirk. & whoever wins this one can be captain pickard. it’s all good, baby. & since i’m a giant loser & in no way affiliated with this new game, i will update my survivorcam section with my opinions on this next game. everyone likes to do that shit, but no way man, someone’s gonna try to take the spotlight from me, so i’ve got to lay the smack down on these people. i’m officially giving myself the title of “that person who wishes they were a judge but isn’t & has stupid opinions that no one cares about.” or something like that. i’m the official unofficial judge, & i will have no mercy & frankly, no one will give a shit. gah, the damn game’s started already, i gotta get my butt in gear. i can’t dilly-dally like i planned on doing for the next few days. maybe i can even get a plug out of. can i? can i? huh? huh? PLEASE?

so there you have it. the internet is my life & i admit it. oh, & go tell your friends i’m back for good, dammit.

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