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From: “chris cox”

Subject: hey


hey i was on your site and it said click here for my
nudies , so i did and it gave me your email addy. so
can i have somenudies pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, ill do
just abut anytihng exet pay for them, im not short
of begging haha, anyway i jsutwanted them cuz i
think you arethehottest cam girl i have ever seen,
and i hae some pics oo if you wanttotrade. hope to
hear from you soon. bye bye……..chris

this guy gets the award for moron of the day. i can see how he might have been misled by all the porn links i have. i’m sorry that they’re all over the site & i’ll promptly fix the link so that it shows my nudies. mistake on my part. & also, i’d like to thank you for making my day. it’s like breathing a fresh breath of air finally knowing that people will do anything except pay money to see me naked. i’m glad i never pursued a stripping career cuz that could have ended in disaster. so thank you for letting me know my worth, i appreciate it. please, send me pictures of your freakish penis & be my best internet friend for life, because that is more than an even trade for naked pictures of me.

so anyone who’s bored at work feel free to send this guy some naked pictures of obese people & herpes cocks, to honor his award.

& i couldn’t help but notice that my cousin in law also has the same name. i really hope this is a freak coincidence.

anyway, is it wrong of me to actually want to work? the job’s a fun job i guess, even though they’ve put me back on sucky task duty. but i’ve just really wanted to keep busy to focus on other shit (well, & make money cuz this is my only shot at making some bucks to spend out at the bars all next year). what i really like though, is that this year we finally got a nice stereo pumping out tunes during the day. we started off having to listen to the lite station, but then i convinced the guy who owns the radio that the rock station bleeps out naughty words. & they do…half the time. so we finally switched over to a decent station. & not only that, it seems people have taken a liking to my favorite station in the world, 93.7 the bus. all classic rock, all the time, baby. so my day pretty much consists of waiting for my dose of pink floyd & led zeppelin. but a strange thing happens…when a song i’m dying to hear comes on, that automatically means the phones start ringing & customers come in. it never fails. but at least we have music now & i get to climb aboard the bus for my no-repeat work day!

jeff brown <-- last year i made a penn state id for jeff brown,
of biddle & brown in the morning! i am so cool!!

the bus

p.s. captain obvious says i have new cam url so if i’m on your portal or what not change links cuz broken images are no good. & all this would not be possible without the generosity of leo at that’s such a cool name, no? so go say hi.

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