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cheetah kitten yesterday i had to put my cat to sleep. if you’ve never seen anything die right in front of you, let me tell you how creepy it is. it’s creepy. & if it’s a pet you’ve loved with all your heart for the past 17 years, well, it’s pretty upsetting to say the least. i had this adorable picture i wanted to post, but go figure it’s gone forever thanks to my skills at saving pictures when reformatting. realizing it was gone last night put me in hysterics & i was the blubbering idiot. ever since the shit hit the fan last weekend, to say i’ve been a tad emotional lately is a bit of an understatement. although i had to burst out laughing in the midst of tears when i checked my mail last night. see, last week i went on one of my free sample binges. i go around to all these websites & order free shit. it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s free i order it. once i got diapers just cuz i could, that’s how out of control i am with this free sample thing. a lot of jesus propaganda should be heading my way soon. anyway, last night my free video from pfizer came yesterday. “life after trauma, what every person should know.” funny no? man. so yeah, i lost 2 pictures of cheetah, actually, so i had to resort to using the last pictures i ever took of her…torturing her for survivorcam.

let me tell you about cheetah. my dad found her in this field a good 17 years ago in the middle of winter. he brought her home & i named her cheetah cuz my first grade ass was obsessed with cheetahs & she was calico…so close enough, no? she pissed on my bed that night. & she had this oozing hole in her neck. we never did figure out where it came from & we tried to give her surgery to close it up but it never did. frankly she was a raging bitch cat. she never sat on my lap, she didn’t like people, & was only nice to you if she wanted something, like to go outside or eat. my neighbors best described her as the serpent in their garden of eden. she didn’t bother leaving dead animals on our doorstep, she just ate them, like the killer she was. we used to put bells on her collar to save the little innocent rodents from her wrath. but you know what this cat did? she’d get the bells in her mouth & silently stalk her prey. then at last minute she’d pounce, letting go of the bells & chomping up those little rodents. when my grandmother died, her cat simon moved in. he tortured & harassed poor cheetah to no end. & of course now i feel like the big asshole for trying to take cute cam pics with the 2 of them together with me. they tried to rip each other’s heads off. when i got my first apartment one summer i brought cheetah with me of course. one of my fondest memories was when she escaped one day. i left the door open so that she could get back in & i don’t know what the deal was outside, but there was this horrible smell that was like a combination of shit & rotting meat. & i had to leave that god damn door open. & after having that door open for a few hours i just turned around & there she was just sitting there in the doorway looking at me. when those retards over at slum corps kinda screwed me, i came back home. cheetah clawed up my mom’s walls & at about 15 years old we sent her in to get declawed. sucked for her i bet. when i moved to my current apartment i had to leave her at home since i can’t have pets here, but every weekend when i went home to get my car i’d spend plenty of time giving my angel some luvin. the last few years you could tell she was getting older & slowing down. my mom joked she had alzheimer’s cuz she was a lot friendlier & was always purring & meowing. it annoyed my parents to death but i found it so adorable. she got ridiculously fat & i loved to poke her belly & call her my fat poopies, booger, angel butt, stinkies, etc. etc. this last week you could tell she wasn’t doing ok…losing a lot of weight, drinking a lot of water, not eating & just sitting around. but she was still my happy kitty, purring till the end. i’m gonna miss seeing her roll around in the mulch by the pond, & lying on her back on the couch, which was a no-no. but yeah, this weekend..i knew…it was definitely time to go. i knew it’d happen sooner than later. nothing you can do, life just has a way of happening. people get ridiculously attached to their pets, & i’m no exception. & you know, it really really sucks & i’m upset, but everything’s gonna be ok.

mommy loves you & misses you a lot, princess *kisses*

cheetah kitten

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