May 25, 2002 0

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keeeet is keen!! so…i got reviewed for internet gossip’s e/n marathon weekend. i got a 9/10, so i guess it’s pretty obvious that i had a deal going where i’d show hoo-hoo for a link. so i hope those don’t end up on hush-hush or something 🙁 i don’t know about you, but i’m digging these weekend things ig’s been doing. yeah well, anyways, i got the guestbook working & do a sista a favor & sign it because i want to at least look like i’m popular. & i’m pretty bummed out that i don’t have yearbook signing anymore. you high school kids, you need to take advantage of that, cuz one day you’ll realize that june has rolled around & there aren’t any yearbooks to be signed! & you’ll get all sad. so sign my year-eh, guestbook, ok? plus it took me a good 3 or 4 hours or something to get it all configured correctly.

penis pump tee hee!

Ürßañ§quìÐ: who slaps a pecker pump on at 1am on a sunday night and goes on live vid feed just for shits and giggles

rhiannon (m): have you tried a vacuum cleaner?

exocet: yes it hurts

oh, & here’s my dumb story for the day. once a long long time ago i had cute ftp. then i got rid of it cuz it kept spazzing out on me. well, i had to chmod some files & wsftp doesn’t do it (or if it does, i is dum). so i go back & download cute ftp, but it’s giving me all this attitude like, your free trial expired 3902124 days ago. anyway, i ended up just setting my clock to july 2001 so that it would work. i’d been switching on & off cuz i’d remember i had to upload something again. anyway, i was done finally & i got my clock back to 2002…but it said the 25th was a sunday. & i’m like, no! what is wrong with you????? to make a long story short it was on august. i even looked at it for a long while & saw that it was august. then looked at my calendar that says may. & may 25th is my dad’s birthday. it took me a good couple of minutes to figure this out. we’re talking total LOLing here. ROTFLMFAO even! well, i thought it was funny…

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