May 22, 2002 0

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god i have the ugliest checks ever. i hate them so much & i’m stuck with them for 2 more years cuz that’s how long it takes to go through a box. you don’t understand…i sat in my apartment by myself & yelled about how much i hated them for a good 10 minutes. my last checks were nice, & it’s only now that i truly appreciate them. very simple, yet elegant, something pnc apparently has no concept of. wow, i’m thinking about scanning one of these things just so you can see. i bought the cheapest package but man, i woulda paid an extra $5 to have something that didn’t make me want to cry every time i look at them. but i can’t toss them & order some decent ones cuz i paid that $15 bucks or whatever it was. bah, it sucks being a cheapskate with expensive tastes. & it looks like i might have to take a big shit on $700. my realtor decided that it’s going to charge me $225 to move a piece of paper from one filing cabinet to another. i’m sorry i suddenly found friends 3 months after i signed a piece of paper saying i’d still live here for the 2002/3 year. gosh, my current lease isn’t even through yet. i think that after 1 week of living at an associated realty pad they should make you decide whether you’re going to renew your lease for the next year & charge a hundred trillion dollars when you change your mind the next week. & then there’s the good old security deposit that i’m not sure if i’ll get back. that i guess i’m technically responsible for & all, although the spots on my carpet were the trash bag with holes’ fault…you know, not like, totally mine. i dunno what’s gonna happen. i’m not about to get the carpet professionally cleaned & scrub this place spotless only to not get my deposit back because there’s bleach spots on the carpet. but then if i don’t do all that, i’m definitely stuck losing the $. what do you do?? hell, i’ll pay to have the place recarpeted if it will cost less than $440. fuck, man. & that’s not all. i have a cavity. well, what they call a “problem area that we might have to watch, but oh look, you’re getting your wisdom teeth sealed, so hey, here’s a filling to go with it.” they all like sneaked the filling thing in after telling me this “problem area” was no big deal. why don’t you give me brain surgery while you’re at it. & i’m horribly disfigured now because one of my back teeth decalciumized a bit or some shit, so there’s this giant brown mark on my tooth. granted you can’t really see it, but still, there’s this giant brown mark on my tooth. fucking calcium, they told us you only need it when you’re growing & when you’re old so you don’t fall & break your hip from osteoporosis. i’m sure some other bullshit graced my day, but whatever, i’m spent. so, have you had enough whine with dinner? & no, i don’t have pms. GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

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