May 19, 2002 0

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what this weekend meant to me: an ode to candiflyp, internet gossip, nay, & samuel l. jackson.

you are so wonderful

you are so great

this weekend there was never a dull moment

& there were very few sober moments

samuel l. jackson made many movies

& candiflyp played many songs

even when those hicks hit on us friday night

that idiot finally bought me a drink

& even though those ig stories were short

every hour i got a dose of nay

all i know is

i love candiflyp & samuel l. jackson

internet gossip & nay are ok too

beer & the internet

make my world go round

shithead & steve bushcemi

get honorable mentions.

– rhitard 2002

i’m trying to figure out if anyone will find that at all funny. but either way i can’t lose, cuz if you liked it, then yeah i did my job. & if you didn’t like it, well, you’re a gaylord & we all know that art is never appreciated until the artist is dead, so when i’m dead you’ll see the true beauty in my work. but basically i was too lazy to write out everything that transpired in the past few days, so i tried to sum it all up in a fragmented, nonsensical way. all i know is that even though certain aspects of my summer job suck (i’m stuck doing all the shit work no one else wants to do) this summer is turning out better than i expected.

ok, so i think the cam needs to go back up. since my site’s back i can go check my stats every 15 minutes & my hits are not high! this makes me sad since you people must need that damn cam to lure you into coming here. you shallow bunch you. but well, i need a new cam host. this is why the old link doesn’t work…some freak show was sucking up mad bandwidth…like refreshing the image every 2 seconds or something. probably from one of those automated image grabber things. & then everything started to lag & yeah, byebye so if this doesn’t scare you off (i dunno if this problem will happen again or not, though) & you want to host my cam, then let me know. changing links blows, but it looks like i’m gonna have to do it. so uh…yeah, cool.

& of course some daily dose of cu that just made me giggle…

johnnylegang: are you a hot girl?

rhiannon (m): no i’m a hot guy

rhiannon (m): just because i have long hair people think i’m a girl

rhiannon (m): too bad this isn’t the 70s

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