May 14, 2002 0

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trying to completely reverse your sleep cycle, i.e. waking up at 6 am instead of going to bed at 6 am, sucks ass. i’m so tired & the bed is tempting me since i have no real reason to be awake right now at 5 pm. sleeeeeeeep…come to me! but i have to tough it out & stay up till like 10 pm or something so i can have a full night’s rest to be chipper & perky tomorrow morning. i’m such a shit in the morning, i’m one of those people you want to slap cuz i’m obnoxiously spunky. thanks to my lab rat on meth type metabolism i can wake up & function off 3 hours of sleep…but as the day goes by i get all tired & delirious. no funnies for me today cuz i’m just too tired to give a shit. but i have my game shows & scrubs to lay me over, so until tomorrow…

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