February 27, 2002 0

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OMG OMG OMG!!! guess what you guys?!?!?!?! the who with special guest robert plant is coming here!!!!!!!! to hell with those retards who want to see dave matthews…it’s the who! with robert plant! <3<3<3 i need to go see this. & i’m not talking about shitty ghetto seats all the way in the nosebleed section. i’m listening to the radio right now to find out all the details. heh, my mom emailed me about it & she’s gonna try to get tickets for her, me, & my dad. i guarantee i’m gonna be ghetto & try to win tickets off the radio…even though this is something i would pay for. but the radio stations kinda hook you up ya know? dude, either way i’m so excited! i’m gonna be like those people you see on old michael jackson concert footage. ok well maybe not. but it were pink floyd that would be me. all screaming & passing out & shit. i was born in the wrong era, all my bands that i’d cut off limbs to see are either broken up or dead.

hey i heard something cool off press your luck the other night. rubbing ears makes you not hungry! i don’t know which part of the ear but supposedly that reduces hunger pains. gotta remember that next time i’m in class. i never have enough time to eat before class cuz that 5 minutes spent eating could be spent sleeping. yeah, so there’s your dose of useless info.

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