February 26, 2002 0

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ok, this is a bit eerie…but everyone at penn state is dying. you open the paper & hear about yet another student who is dead. granted most are car accidents, overdoses & what not, but there has been a hell of a lot more shit going down recently than “normal.” now you have to understand, people don’t die in this town. old people do but that’s what old people do, you know. very rarely have young people died around here…i’d guess you’d have to live here to know. hell, we get a murder like once every 15 years. but so far 8 students have died since last may. at first it didn’t affect me…you open the paper & find out someone died & it’s just like, whoa…but once you check to see that it’s no one you know you eventually forget about it. but hell, this is even starting to bother me cuz it keeps happening. saturday a kid died in a pole vaulting accident. he went to my high school, but i didn’t know him. so i can’t honestly sit here & say all these nice things about him…because i didn’t know him. but looking at his yearbook picture & hearing what everyone had to say just makes me sad. yeah so i guess i’m not gonna tie in any sappy little life mottos or anything…& i don’t really have a point to this. it’s strange though…i don’t think a lot of people care when people die. i know i only do when it’s local. but then a celeb can kick the bucket & everyone goes apeshit. yeah. so nothing like a nice little depressing read thanks to me to brighten your day. all i can say is that if i’m the next on the list i hope people don’t start talking about how i’m an angel in heaven & god will take care of me now. please don’t do that. ever.

oh, & i think adelphia wants in on this death race thing. i can’t count how many times my images are down. i piss on you adelphia!

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