February 25, 2002 0

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so penn state’s dance marathon was this weekend. good old thon, the source of my bitching about nothing to do over canning weekends. thon is amazing to see…granted i always go tripping, but it’s still something to see. i didn’t even bother going this year. people stayed awake & on their feet for 48 hours, raised money for little bald kids with cancer, cried when it was over, & went home to go to sleep for the next 2 days. i have nothing to say about it this year, but i thought i’d mention it since it’s a really unique thing & really touches even my sour heart. i’m thinking about doing something to participate next year since it will be my last year. there’s no way i could be a dancer, but i wouldn’t mind being a moraler who gets to run around & keep people awake. basically i just want all the cool shit like balloons & toys & hats & leis that everyone gets. uh & i want to do it for the kids.

&ltrant&gt yeah so anyway, time to get to what i really want to say. a lot of things piss me off. i am about the pickiest person on the planet & you name it, i have some beef with it. well, something i really really really cannot fucking stand is unreliable people. people who say one thing then do another…it drives me up the wall. ok, so i’m someone who likes structure & organization. i want to know who i’m going out with & what the general plan is. i could really care less what i do exactly, unless it’s something i’m really looking forward to…but when my plans get all messed up because the person i’m supposed to go out with goes missing in action it just sucks. & by that point it’s usually too late to find something else to do. time & time again i’ve missed out on things because i thought i had plans with someone else. ugh, that really bothers me. i can’t seem to get away from these undependable people & of course with my outstanding luck these are the people i care about the most. but for fucks sake i’d like to punch them sometimes. this is so god damned frustrating. not to mention, it fucks with you & it’s hard not to think that you’re not important enough for these people. so do your friends a favor & if this is you, think about how they might feel about your actions. some people don’t mind, but you know what? i do. &lt/rant&gt

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