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i’m still here! did i fool ya? after doing a horrible job on my spanish exam (e.g. “my aunt was home for university” & “we went to the mountains some day”) i decided i didn’t want to drive anywhere & i’d go hit up casino night. las vegas casino night is some mock gambling charity thing that my parents & i went to. you pay $15 to get in, start with $200 of fake money & you go wild. i’m not much of a gambler, & when i was in niagara falls i spent about $2 on the slot machines in 10 minutes, got pissed off & wanted to leave. the minimum for blackjack was $5 & i was like, yeah i don’t think so. so back to casino night. i was a little timid at first, not wanting to spend my money so i walked around & watched other people. i finally started to play blackjack & poker & i didn’t do all that hot. my mom on the other hand…well, i’m taking her to vegas with me. she was the one winning all the money & giving it to us losers. while i would win every once in awhile, my dad never won. he only won poker when my mom threw down money. he did end up getting a flush…or a straight, but that was the extent of his luck. i wanted to do craps but i didn’t know how to play. so i go over to the empty table & the chicks running it were explaining it & i kinda got the idea. so some guy came over & i figured i’d watch him. he ended up playing most of the night. him & this other old dude. so i never got around to doing that. eventually i was ready to get rid of my money & go back to my place, so i took my last $100 & got 2 chips to play roulette. i have found my calling. roulette is my bitch. next time i am at a casino you can find me at the roulette table. i made so much money & eventually i figured i wasn’t gonna run out anytime soon so i decided to waste it on poker. see, that’s when i started to win! i didn’t have enough money to get any interesting gift certificates…while my mom had already gotten 2 lunches & a massage. so i went to the wheel of fortune with my $1200. i put down $200 on 2. i lost. then i put the rest of my money on 4. well, guess what it landed on? 3 2’s. bah. so that was it, i went home. then i was too lazy to go out again & called it a night.

i am not a gambler. this was fun because it wasn’t real money & my parents had paid for me to get in. but if it had been a real casino, i would have been stingy. the idea of winning more money than i started out with is not enough to make me risk losing my money. if i can make dollar wages then maybe, but if i lost $100 during a night of gambling i’d be extremely pissed off. now, if i lost $20 i still wouldn’t be too happy but if it kept me busy for a night & i got free drinks i could deal. i guess my plan of action would be to start small, go to roulette & take all that money & blow it on other shit…maybe finally attempt craps. heh heh heh heh heh i said crap heh heh heh heh. i’ll still have to go out to atlantic city & vegas someday, but you wont ever see me at gambler’s anonymous.

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