February 22, 2002 0

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well this is gay. i had plans for tonight, i did. i was debating whether or not to go to the bars cuz it’s thursday & hey i need it. i have to study for a spanish exam but whatever, there’s only so much time i can spend on that. but i really wanted to watch women’s ice skating. & who’s ass fell asleep on the couch? yeah, so by the time i turned it on it was the last skater & people were all screaming & crying & shit & i’m all like, huh? what’s going on? so here i am, confused, sober, & ice skatingless. i don’t even know what i’m doing this weekend as i might be kinda sorta maybe going to philly tomorrow. but i don’t know yet. not having solid plans annoys the crap out of me. & the thing is, i could probably go to nyc or philly every weekend or every other weekend…but it’s not fun in my car. i like to drive places, but my car has no heat, no working radio, & it’s not comfortable. & i’m just waiting for the whole underneath to just rust out & fall off. blah. if i had a nice car to drive i’d be outta town all the time. but with how things are i’m just not motivated. & spare me the old “at least you have a car you spoiled bitch” line, because while yes at least i do have a car, i’m not one of the rich kids who’s mommies & daddies by them nice expensive cars like half the shallow assholes who go to school here. i’m tired, ok? i’m still mouseless till tomorrow. i know i’m being slack, but i’ll pick it up. & with that i’ll go watch the medals be awarded & then study for spanish. please don’t be too jealous.

hey this might be kinda weird…but when i was walking home today & passed the mailbox, i wondered if anyone had ever gotten really wasted & barfed in a mailbox. ok i guess it’s gross but if you think about it isn’t it kind of funny? i’d never do that, but i’m sure someone has had to have done it. but shit, wouldn’t that suck if you had a letter in there? what would the mailman do? haha, just try to imagine that, it’ll make you giggle. so i think i’m going to mail my letters right before they collect & never on friday or saturday nights.

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