February 20, 2002 0

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wow, i am impressed. less than 30 minutes after i posted that someone got me a mouse. i love you guys. i have a shitty way of showing it but there is mad love. <3 even. my face lit up & i screamed with joy. literally. people on cu thought i'd gotten laid or something. hehe. well, then later that night someone stole my lighter. i was sitting on the couch enjoying my newlywed hour & eating a tv dinner when some dude knocked on my door & asked to borrow my lighter. my guess is that they were smoking pot & needed a lighter, which hey, it's cool, but there's a convenience store in the next building. they probably could have picked up some munchies too. but i couldn't really say no cuz it's not like my place didn't smell like smoke or anything or have candles burning. heh. i knew i wasn't gonna get it back but i gave it to him anyway. & i was right! i know where they live too, i should go psycho on them..."YOU STOLE MY LIGHTER DIE FUCK YOU FUCK YOU SATAN I PUT CURSE ON YOU THEIFS!!!" ever give up something when you know you aren't gonna get it back? i've been known to do that cuz it's hard to say no, especially when you are reassured that they'll get you back. as a smoker i have nonsmokers bumming cigs off me for whatever reason...they're drunk or they just want to smoke with me outside or what not. these are the people who always say they'll buy you a pack later. i never follow up on that cuz you feel like a dickhead being all like "yeah so buy me that pack now. you told me you would." i've never said that. but i think if i did people would find it rude. i know i would. even though it's rude to say you'll pay someone back when you don't really plan on it. same with giving rides. i used to hear all the time "yeah man yeah i'll give you gas money." they never give it to you when they mention it, figuring you'll forget by the time you get there. i never bother asking for it, but i don't forget. never. but i can't complain, while these techniques are used on me, i use them on other people sometimes. not too often, but sometimes. i guess we all do. anyway, it’s time to play an imagination game. lets say you’re a 17 year old boy. one of your female friends gets raped & ends up pregnant. she only confides in you & she’s all freaking out like, make this go away, make this go away! now you’re all for helping her out cuz you’re a good friend (i said pretend here) but she wants to get an abortion & you’re all anti-abortion. the only way to get her to keep the baby would be for you to protect her, & say that you’re the father of her baby. oh, & your girlfriend doesn’t like this chick. so, do you accept responsibility for this knocked up chick & her baby & tell everyone, including your parents & girlfriend, that you are the father of her baby? i know, of course you wouldn’t. like sands through the hour glass, so is the absurdity of our lives.

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