February 19, 2002 0

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there are 3 distinct smells in my apartment: smoke, glade air freshener, & the mystery smell. i don’t know quite what the mystery smell is, but i don’t like it. it doesn’t really smell all that bad, but the fact that i don’t know where it’s coming from & how to get rid of it pisses me off. it smells kinda like sautéed onions i guess & it’s faint, but it’s just always there. i always assumed it was the fungus growing in my sink, or the trash. so this weekend i had the urge to clean & i made this place spotless. i figured the smell would be gone due to the dishes being washed, but no, it’s still there. i told my mom & she suggested that i pour baking soda into my sink drain because it might be the garbage disposal & that would neutralize the odor. i tried that & it’s still there. i wiped out under my sink & the trash can. i think it’s still there faintly. this is driving me nuts. i have the glad plug-in & scented candles to mask the smell, kinda like when i wear lots of perfume & deodorant when I don’t shower, but i want this odor outta here. i’m at a loss over what to do now. but at least my toilet is fresh & clean. i got that clip on thing that leaks cleaner into the toilet bowl when you flush. you’re supposed to stick it right where the water flows when you flush & conveniently it’s dangerously close to where my urine squirts. i’ll have fun peeing on that & myself when i get really wasted.

on a serious note, i should also mention that i decided to clean the computer a bit. & while all i wanted was to help my mouse, i ended up hurting it. my mouse has died. well, maybe it’s not dead, just crippled, since it moves up & down, but not left & right. as much as it sucks ass using keyboard commands to do everything, by this point i’m getting pretty good. you’d think that since i’m maimed i would use this time to study for my mythology exam. but no, this only works against me, as instead of just giving up, i decide to be stubborn & i take twice as long to get my shit done. so yeah, those uh, optical mouse things are kinda neat. you know, you can like, take a look at the one on my wishlist. uh huh. i was finally convinced to look into an optical mouse. i’m kinda stubborn in my ways though, since i kinda like the ball. & you should know by now that i get unusually attached to my appliances. it’s a sad day, indeed, surely to lead to a full sad week.

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