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ice skating so who’s excited about the ice skating pairs’ controversy? i can’t get enough of scandal & it’s even better when the olympics are involved. i’m sure if you care, you already know what went down, & if you don’t care, you don’t want to know. well, i’m running this show, so you are going to hear about it! first off, i like ice skating! that’s the only thing i’ve bothered to watch & i happened to be watching on that night. so here’s the deal: there’s the russians & the canadians. the russians have dominated pairs for the past billion years just about, & the chinese & the canadians wanted to claim the title as theirs. the americans didn’t really have a chance. so yeah, when they were doing warm-ups on the ice, just practicing & all, the canadians decided to pull a tonya harding on the russians. jamie sale crashed into the russians while they were practicing, hoping to take out a knee cap, so that the russians would be unable to pull a gold metal performance. this attempt failed & the games went on. i didn’t pay much attention to the russians because i was distracted by the internet, but i happened to catch the canadians. ok, so it was a pretty good performance. & when they finished, they knew they had the gold. the crowd was going nuts & they gave the finger to the russians & i could read their lips, they said “eat it you fucks!!” well, ok, they didn’t do that. so whatever, they got the scores & low & behold, just when they thought they had it in the bag, they find out they just barely missed first place, & got second place. so they’re all crying & pulling the “why me?? why meeeeee???” act. ok, so i felt bad, they were upset & everyone said they should have won. but as we later find out, the canadians whined & bitched enough so that some investigation went down as the ice skating association was clearly embarrassed by the scene. they find out the french judge had a little thing for the russians & fudged some scores. so not knowing what to do they gave the canadians a gold (letting the russians keep their gold, too). the french judge gets suspended & i’m sure their was some shady dealings going on that i want to know about!!

ok, in all seriousness the canadians were good sports about the whole thing at the time. so i guess i’m happy for them. & i’m also happy about all this scandal. i bet the mormons had something to do with this. “Today’s solution is for an acute circumstance. The chronic disease needs to be looked at.” that was a quote off a yahoo article on the issue…go look it up yourself, i’m too lazy to link it. i think the next investigation should be on what “chronic disease” this dude is talking about. i missed that. so yeah, i’m starting to really dig the winter olympics thanks to all the shit that ice skating drags in. kinda makes me wish i’d stuck it out with my skating career.

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