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i love jodee

the only action i’ll be getting…but who would complain?!

& in the spirit of valentine’s day, rhitard.com thanks you for coming again & again for all of your “really old granny fuck sluts who will piss on you over 60” needs!

yeah so is today over yet? i’m actually not as bitter as i usually am, although i wouldn’t mind being spared from the ultimate p.d.a., hand holding, loving looks, balloons, flowers, candy, etc. i love how when you’re alone & miserable you are well aware of it…& this day always just screams “you are a fucking losers & no one loves you!” but like i said, i’m making it by. i was gonna mention how my mom is my valentine…cuz i usually get an e-card & presents. but my dad sent me an email asking if i would be his valentine. yeah so that kinda disturbed me. now you know my family secret i guess.

i decided to treat myself tonight & do the things i love. my plans for the evening are to take a nap, get subway, drink a bottle of champagne, listen to pink floyd, & to have bruce (the blow up doll) join me on cu where i will ultimately humiliate the freaks. sounds like the perfect night without the man & that dirty thing called sex. ew. i’m most excited about making bellinis & i went out to get a champagne glass. i’m kinda anal about things sometimes & i would have been pissy if i had to drink out of a plastic wal-mart cup, so i decided to go buy a champagne flute. now, i end up going to one of those you know, nice pricey stores downtown. i dunno how much you can get a glass for, but the one i got was $10. i dunno, i just figured you could get one for like $5 or a sweet buy in bulk save money type deal.

i was originally planning on getting 2 because hey, maybe someday i will have people over for drinks. but at $10 a pop i decided on only 1, since in all honesty that’s all i need. & when i walked up to the counter the guy said “just 1?” ouch that hurt. i tried to play it off like, oh yeah, it’s expensive so yeah, just 1, but i should have started crying & freaking out about how no one loves me. heh, drinking alone on a holiday made for lovers…gee, i’m not a sad case or a soon to be alcoholic. so yeah, enjoy your night kids. & you know, it could be worse…i could have been dumped today or i could have had a boyfriend & gotten jack shit. oh who the hell am i kidding?

& p.s. anyone trying to claim nay as their valentine…i. don’t. think. so. she’s mine ok???? it says so right here:


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