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foreign perverts are funny.

& now for your nightly dose of cu-seeme wackiness…

bablefish allstars:

~*ruby*~: topaze leave me the FUCK ALONE

~*ruby*~: fucking nasty old french man

Topaze: ~*ruby*~):I am going to come to see you my darling …. and to kiss you and to lick you everywhere ….. I will nibble you gently the clitoris and I will sink you deeply my gift tongue your pussy….. you will like I hope …. :-)) and I fuck you long time also after…. :-))))

Topaze: :mmmmmmmmmm…. Ruby…. :-)) I going to masturbate your clit with my tongue …. good…. :-))))

Topaze: ~*ruby*~:Grrrrrrrrrr !! you are too exciting for my poor heart …. !! a day you make kill me ….!!

Topaze: but you like to see men naked …. I know punky power !!

Topaze: punky power: i would never wanna see your sad sad show < but I want not to make for you !! I you want then pay !! :-))))
Topaze: total strip tease you and me together …. do you dare Ruby …. ?? it is a challenge !! then accept or deflated ?? :-))))

rhiannon: deflated hahaha

rhiannon: nice babelfish translation jackass

Topaze: I am not deflated Ruby …. but you ?? :-)) eh eh !!

~*ruby*~: i’ve been trying to figure out the deflated comment he keeps making

Topaze: not only breats Ruby ….. all body …. and if you make : I dare also !! it is a challenge Ruby …. you want challenge…. then it is an …. :-))

Topaze: personnaly I want not too show all my body but if you make …. it is very boring for me to make Ruby …. :-)) but you dare not I know …. then I am quiet …. :-))))

~*ruby*~: idiots like topaze make me feel a lot better about myself

Topaze: ouf !! you are deflated Ruby …. :-)) if you are not then me very boring …. :-)))))

Topaze: but if you have accept challenge I true that me very very boring Ruby….:-))

~*ruby*~: yes indeed you are very very boring

alien8: all i wanna know is…


rhiannon: babelfish allstars

alien8: HAHAHAHAHA rhian

Topaze: only dick …. no problem …. but all …. hummmm …. :-((

~*ruby*~: you are deflated… i challenge me verry very boring yes if you dare

Topaze: oh no …. I want not alone …. if you make I am obliged make also but me very boring Ruby …. :-)))) and dont laugh of me please…. :-))

~*ruby*~: ::laughs at topaze::

Topaze: make not now please Ruby …. to much people now …. !! :-))))

Topaze: little camel Ruby …. :-))

~*ruby*~: wtf

Topaze: no punky …. you have not pleasure to see me all naked because Ruby make not ….!!

Topaze: I know Ruby …. :-)) but really me very boring if I am obliged make a strip tease of all my body (if you make) …. :-))))

punky power: la ferme topaze. tu m’emmerdes. va te faire foutre casse toi

punky power: and i didnt even need babblefish for that fucker

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