January 30, 2002 0

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fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckkkkkfuuuuuuck. i thought i missed scrubs since i looked at the clock & saw that it was 9:57. & i started screaming & getting all mad. but apparently the state of the union address is on. good. i didn’t miss scrubs after all. i don’t know what the state of the union address is & i don’t care. boo on dubya. back to the game show network!

god i love this weather. this is out of control that i can wear short sleeves in january. i dunno how it is in other parts of the world, but it’s wonderful here. it feels like spring & there’s something about the coming of spring after a long winter that makes you feel good. well, i think it’s too much to ask for an early spring, but it’d be nice. go figure i’m taking a global warming science class. all i can say is that i’m digging this global warming thing. for my class we’re supposed to make a portfolio of excel spreadsheets & graphs based on data to predict the future of global warming. at this point, i don’t care since i’ll be dead long before we go to hell in a hand basket. i should just do my portfolio on why i love global warming & why it benefits me. graph out how much happier i am in the heat & how much money i’d save on my heating bill. if there was a way i could prove the world does in fact revolve around me then i would be good to go. i guess i could also mention that it would suck if we tried to predict everything & out of the blue a nuclear bomb was dropped. i’m not one for working hard on things for nothing. i could say, “since the world revolves around me & i like heat, global warming is a-ok & while i can’t say how much will increase, i do hope it’s a lot. i like 50 degree januarys.” that would just be swell. but unfortunately i have to play by the rules. so uh, if anyone is like really into the environment & likes nothing other than graphing & interpreting data, let me know & i’ll let you in on my secret lab website. actually, scratch that. here’s the website with the homework. so if you have any ideas, tell me what you would do for these problems because i sure as shit haven’t a clue.

the other night i had a dream that my mom washed all my clothes & they shrunk. it really upset me & i don’t know what the dream was trying to tell me. must be those old repressed feelings again. i’ll have to consult my dream dictionary. it did motivate me to gather all my hand wash & dry clean only clothes to wash in the tub, though. i don’t really mind hand washing all that much, & sure it takes more effort, but it’s real tough to get pit stench out. seriously. since i have to put in the extra effort to wash them i’ll wear them at least 3 times. any time they start to get stinky i just spray a lot of febreze at the pit & stick it by the fan. i’ve been known to wash things in the washing machine that i shouldn’t have. while the washing machine isn’t too bad, it’s the dryer that’s killer. sucks having nice clothes because they are all fucking dry clean only & hand wash only. i never dry clean. i don’t even trust those dry clean baggie things that you can stick in the dryer. dryer = hell for clothes. tip for anyone who has dry clean only clothes…you can hand wash them & lay them out to dry & they’ll be fine. but taking “womanly-related” tips from me can sometimes be shady though, so be warned.

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