January 28, 2002 0

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i laugh at all you eagles & steelers fans. NEITHER OF YOU ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! HAHAHAHA YOU SUCK! yes, i am one of those people that laughs at other’s misfortunes. although if you had to deal with these crazy fanatics, you’d feel the need to be evil too. if the steelers & eagles had managed to end up playing i would have been terrified to leave my apartment. i would probably suffer hearing loss from the deafening yelling & chanting in my prime habitation location. but on the plus side there probably would have a riot & that would be cool. well, once again, i am overly joyed by the victories of the rams & the patriots. good work boys, you have managed to depress a good hunk of college students here & that makes me happy.

* also, this is completely unrelated, but creed is on mtv right now & they are flaming homos & i hate them. the lead singer is a retarded dick head who thinks he’s so badass because he tries to sing like eddie vedder. i hope you go to hell (literally) you bible toting pussies. ok, i am glad i got that out!

oh yeah, i forgot to mention…guess who got nominated for the the 2002 sxsw people’s choice award? no, not me, but close! survivorcam has been nominated & they better win because 1. it is cool. 2. i like bertie. 3. i won the fucking (#2) thing. so go there & vote & stuff. word on the street is that the survivorcam games are starting up again in the near future so get ready!

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