January 27, 2002 0

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HA HA!! my friend made out with some kid in high school because she knew that if you’re in high school it’s so pimp to score with college girls. how funny! she knew it would make his night. & then i was sitting on a couch later & this kid was talking to some other dude & i knew it was about her & his friend said “you’re rollin’ with the big boys now!” hahahahahaha. yeah so i was at some party with high schoolers. i dunno how many, but everyone there looked so young. :/ i was talking to some girl who was a senior from my high school & i went off about the ‘good old days’ from when i was in high school. i am such a dork. but i still don’t think this is as low as when i was at the senior prom after party…last year.

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