January 26, 2002 0

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instead of going to bed i decided to use my current creative energy to produce a beautiful piece of artwork. this is a masterpiece! i hope chelle likes it. ok, that’s it…i’m selling this on ebay for lots of money. next time i’m on the lds i shall do this again. but for now this will do. you know i had some things to say but i forgot them. oh yeah & that stupid whoreslop in the parking lot needs to die. parking on campus during the weekends is cut throat. people are out for the kill & it’s impossible to find a good spot unless you drive around for an hour…only to have some dickwad try to steal your spot. some chick was standing in a parking spot talking on her cell phone…apparently holding the space. this is first come, first save, lady. move! “charles i have found you a spot. i will wait here for you to have this spot because i want to have sex with you. oh you’re in rush hour traffic across town? let me stand here like a stupid sorority bitch while angry people stop & glare at me.” that is what she was saying i know it. i then also made the mistake of looking for parking at 2 am when everyone else was. when the campus cops came to ticket illegally parked cars i hightailed it out of there to a parking lot far far away. & on the journey to my apartment i ended up back in that same parking lot. someone was pulling out. i will beat you, all of you deserve to be shot! i’ve lived in this town longer, i should have priority parking. other than that i think i’m hungry & i don’t know what to eat. so i don’t know.

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