January 25, 2002 0

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Suck my fucking dick you faggot, you happy now?

go take ogre’s quiz right now

i got a low score. i guess that’s good?

the fire alarm is going off…again. but what’s funny is that a few days ago the people upstairs were knocking on doors to let people know that thursday night there was gonna be a party with male strippers. must have gotten a little hot up there, know what i’m sayin? haha! i wonder what they’re all thinking up there…i hear a lot of noise. you’d think they’d want to evacuate being male strippers & all. i will never leave. if my apartment burns down i will die because i refuse to go outside when that damn alarm goes off. anyway, this must be payback for not knocking on my door earlier to let me know abut the party…because they were telling people they could check out the strippers & i really wanted to go see that…

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