January 25, 2002 0

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my name is bo bo & i like kitty litter. this was written on my elevator & it really spoke to me. hello friends! shit sells. seriously. the correlation between hits & talking about poop is unmistakable. you guys like my poop! so that was sheila’s secret to becoming some huge super internet star. it’s good to know because i have some golden poop stories. ultimate. but another time, another time…i’m sorry i don’t have any fun stories today.

i don’t know which disturbs me more…that a hell of a lot more people came here when i had tacky porn up, or that some people actually thought it was me. have mercy on us all. nay wants it. but nay can’t have it. that is so choice. i’m addictionable. i’ll fucking leave you nauseous, shaking, sweating, crampy, & downright suicidal when you can’t get your daily dose. hahahaha! i laugh with myself sometimes. fuck you, i’m laughing with me, not at me.
oh wow, go me. today i discovered that there’s a mature filter content on google image search. once i clicked that link after typing in some “questionable” material, i got a whole set of different pictures. seriously, if only i’d been bright enough to figure this out earlier i could have saved myself some time & found some really funny pictures. at least i know now!

take for example: “lesbians”

on off
Mature content filter is On Mature content filter is Off

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