January 23, 2002 0

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oh my god that is so wrong. i eventually gave in not too long after i wrote that last post & i unclogged the toilet but managed to get shit on the floor while rinsing my plunger. this is sick. guess i’m putting the swiffer wet jet to action tonight in a good old fashioned scrub down. you know the wet jet wipe things look like giant maxi pads.

i. have. to. pee.

my toilet is clogged. first it was clogged cuz of toilet paper & i flushed & it didn’t go down. so i was like, whatever, i’ll try again later. then i had to shit. so i shit. & flushed. it didn’t go down. so i was like, fuck, i’ll try again later. so i have to pee & i go into the bathroom. oh yeah, the toilet’s clogged. peeing wont make it any better so i tried again. it still wouldn’t go down. so i have this dilemma. i have to pee. but i don’t want to plunge the toilet. hi, gross. cuz then the plunger gets shit on it. that’s ok you’d think because i can just rinse it off in the shower, right? well, my drain is slightly clogged due to all the hair, so whenever i shower there’s like a couple inches of water i’m standing in. so i don’t want shit particles coming up next time i take a shower. other wise i would pee first in the tub & keep trying to flush the toilet throughout the night. something tells me i’m going to have to use the plunger. i guess i really should get some draino for the shower drain…but i don’t have my car except on the weekends so i’ll have to wait a few days before i can deal with that. well, as of 6:30 pm i’m holding the pee. peeing in a cup has been suggested, but i refuse to do that. it’d be kinda funny to go knock on my neighbor’s door to ask if i could use their bathroom. if i knew them, i would. but how funny would that be? someone knocks on your door asking to use your bathroom because they don’t want to unclog their toilet. but that’s a no-go i’m afraid. so we’ll see how long i can last with this current condition.

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