January 23, 2002 0

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dude. i have a dent in my leg. like a diagonal indent on my right calf. see, i’ve always noticed it, but i always assumed it was sock marks or from having my legs pressed against the desk. then last night i realized, hey, this is always here. this kinda sucks, because i have a feeling it’s due to years of sitting in front of the computer with my leg digging into the edge of the desk. so far the internet hasn’t caused me any life-long scars, but this might be my first. i’m going to consciously make sure my leg does not dig into the desk & i’ll wear different socks that aren’t tight & hope this goes away in a few days. how can this be permanent?! talk about shitty.

today we watched a movie in my mythology class. artfag & i were double trouble sitting in the back being assholes. well, actually it was just me & i was contagious. it was 11 am & hell, i was hyper. so we watched this movie called tahtonka about the termination of buffalo & native americans. i couldn’t help it, i was cracking up through the whole thing. yeah i know i suck for laughing at it, but it was this cheesy ass 1960’s movie. when they did trippy acid flashback reenactments of buffalo being run off a cliff i lost it. i want to rent that video just to take caps of it. it was that funny. i think you had to be there. but whatever.


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