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i love jesus, don’t you? i love jesus because he’s an asshole & it’s like this natural phenomenon that all women love assholes. why is jesus an asshole? well, anyone who says i can’t get into the pearly white heaven gates or whatever without worshipping his ass first is an asshole. right? see, i don’t know much about religion but i understand that you need to “repent” & love god to go to heaven & if i don’t go along with that….even if i don’t do anything bad…i’m still denied access. sounds pretty shitty if you ask me. so who wants to hang out with those jerkoffs for eternity, huh? i like arguing on the net (yeah yeah you’ve all seen it….arguing on the internet is like the special olympics…even if you win you’re still retarded) but those crazy religious psychos amuse me till no end. try having a rational conversation with them & see how far you get. ok, i need to get off this topic before i start going off on a tangent.

hi! happy martin luther king jr. day. we didn’t get today off & that pisses me off. i’m surprised i even remembered what today was, but either way, i’m still not celebrating. but it’s a holiday & you’re supposed to get days off on holidays because they’re holidays. come on now. i think we’re the only school in the big 10 that doesn’t take today off. you’d figure with penn state being so gung ho on ethnic diversity that they’d give us the chance to celebrate today without class. of course they know no one will do anything…we’d most likely use it as an excuse to drink. but that’s not the point! i think more holidays need to be designated as legitimate days off. like when you have to go to school or work on secretary’s day. the fuck? i think later i’m going to find a list of all holidays (big or small, it doesn’t matter!) & take that day off. i mean, that’s the whole idea of a holiday, right?

you can call me out & say i’m disrespectful & don’t know the true meaning of holidays. well, that, my friend, is correct! but then again, who ever celebrates holidays for what they are? they’re all excuses to stay home & get drunk. when was the last time someone celebrated christmas for the (wrong) birth of jesus & didn’t care about the presents? does anybody really know what kwanzaa is? at least we all know easter is the day we celebrate a big bunny & eat lots of chocolate.

resha’s site is looking great, as always. there are thousands of sites out there, but frankly most of them suck & don’t impress me. but i dunno man, something about resha’s shit does something to me. web shit, that is.

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