January 21, 2002 0

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so i got the epilator off my wishlist last week & i decided to try it out on friday. i didn’t really have time to do much but i wanted to test it out. warning! warning! this product should only be used by people with a high tolerance for pain. when i plugged it in & turned it on i was afraid to use it. basically what it is is a motorized plucker that rips out hair really fast. that thing hurt! it felt like i was getting a tattoo. maybe it’s because i have about 2 month’s worth of hair…i dunno. but, when i came home drunk i decided to try it again. it’s painful but kind of fun. something i can do while sitting on the couch watching tv.


i’ve been thinking about moving to another place to live with people. i like living by myself, but next year is my last year & i haven’t really socialized to my full capacity. so i’m thinking about that. but having to move all my shit out into another place…then moving it again when i graduate…ugh. i dunno. we’ll see.

i haven’t been motivated to update this site really. i can never think of anything funny anymore. my life right now is pretty boring so i don’t even need to write about that. what did i do today? same thing i do every sunday…got up at 5 pm, watched some tv, went home for dinner, did my laundry, did the grocery shopping. what will i do tomorrow? wake up for days, go to class, then come home & go online. it’s funny how much i like the stability of my life…i know what i will be doing at pretty much any time of the day…give or take on the weekends. but things are very repetitive & structured i should say. i don’t like being busy & i’m not. but as much as i like this aspect, i hate the fact that i’m so bored of doing the same things day to day. but i also don’t like change. but see, change could be good. but i wouldn’t have the reassuring feeling of knowing how my day will turn out. i swear it’s like i’m hitting a midlife crisis. it’s only going downhill from here, baby. so there’s my outlook on life at the moment. just listen to pink floyd’s time. that song says it all. dude, it totally speaks to me. moves me. you know. rawr! my favorite song…favorite favorite favorite…

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