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new years


birthday girl

fucking ass. i’m so tired & i’ve been in a car all day. i’ve spent the last 5 days watching tv, putting puzzles together, reading magazines, & being in a car. & look, it’s already new year’s eve. christ, i’m gonna be 21 in less than 24 hours. all i know is, i have the twilight zone marathon to save me through this bullshit. all day tomorrow & new year’s day on sci-fi channel. we’ve only had the sci-fi channel for a few years. when i first moved into the dorms we had that channel…but they lock you out over the holidays so i couldn’t watch it. because i am such a die-hard fan, i’m thinking about going to bed kind of early so i can get up early to get a jump start on this. “the eye of the beholder” is on at 9:30 pm, kids! one of the 2 i make sure to catch every time.

i am just a walking brainfart right now. anything i thought to write about has already exited the building. upstate new york can be kinda depressing & there are way too many tacky lawn decorations. that’s all i have to say about that. i don’t go skiing because the trip to killington is even more depressing. well, i also had bad experiences snowboarding. basically the first time i went up on the bunny trail by myself will be my last. i cried like a baby bitch & it took me an hour to get down. so no more. i hope to never live in vermont or new york, unless we’re talking the city, baby. i’m gonna cut this short i think & write up about all the interesting things i read in cosmo & weekly world news later. probably not for awhile, because it is my birthday. got things to do. rhiannon and allan i’m praying to god i’ll have something to report back. & still waiting on any freak last minute road trips i might end up taking. but if not, i have the twilight zone & the bottles of alcohol my relatives oh so kindly gave me for my early birthday party. one year they locked me in the bathroom while they were getting it set up. this time i walked in the house & didn’t even know what was going on. then i finally figured out it was a birthday party but then i couldn’t figure out for who. i’m not slow, not at all. i’ll get back on track soon, & i also finally got my beloved chia pet. expect updates on the progress of my chia cow…it’s cute. have a fucking kick ass new year’s eve kids…party enough for yourself & me…& take your bottles of champagne & pour one for your homies & think of me. & wherever you are, at the stroke of midnight yell at the top of your lungs “happy birthday rhiannon!!!” while everyone looks at you like, what the fuck.

thanks for all the gifts you people got from my wishlist. as if i didn’t feel unloved enough. guess i deserve this email because i suck. happy times, guys! think he’ll get me a nice birthday gift?

in response to chickenlegs:

“then the “joy” slowly turns to disappointment when you realize
someone got more presents than you & you didn’t get that one thing you
really wanted. ”

YOU, and all your amazon-wish-list-cam bitches are a bunch of greedy,
miserable whores. Go fuck yourself with a splintery stick. You suck.

i love coming back home to lots of email. i like to come home to lots of answering machine messages too but i only got 1…from my doctor reminding me of an appointment. i’m outta here, my game shows & gossip await me.

look! another rhiannon!

rent a movie to enjoy on new year’s eve

new years 2001


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