December 26, 2001 0

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boozin’ it up with your parents on christmas…yeah. so season’s greetings, hope you had a merry christmas, blah blah, etcetera, you know the drill. i’m at my house now & after 2 glasses of champagne, a glass of champagne & peach schnapps, & a glass of peach schnapps & orange juice i have found my way to the computer. & i think that is all. i’m going away for a very long time folks. hopefully i can make my new years plans & then just disappear for a long time. if i’m back before the year 2002 that will be bad. time to catch some game shows & i’ll see you when i see you.

i have something to keep you occupied while i am gone. just keep staring & you will get sucked in. & before you know it, i’ll be back. for real now, bye. KITTY!

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