December 24, 2001 0

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you know, i remember what i was doing last year at this time. i was harassing local dj’s on aim. ok, i wasn’t doing that christmas eve, but it was over the holidays so who cares. actually it might have been thanksgiving…god i love this memory of mine. speaking of memory i saw memento last night. loved it! anyway, on with the story. we told this guy to go to my homepage. & we turned the cam on for him. then we ended up calling in for this contest & of course we got through since no one was in town. so we were being all retarded just like junior high girls. i guess some things never change. we called & were like “hi!!! it’s bush hooker & diarrhea pony from aim! lol!!” good fucking times i tell you. & i remember, it was last thanksgiving. but hey, the story’s funny, no? but what i was really doing last christmas eve was sitting on cu-seeme convincing fat old men to get naked because it was christmas & they should give the gift of christmas wang. of course it was a ploy to get them naked so i could laugh & humiliate them at the expense of everyone on cu. the simplest things amuse me. i was looking back at all these video captures of cu-seeme from over the years. god i had some fucking good times.

well it’s officially christmas eve, although not really to me because when i wake up it will just be late evening christmas eve, not christmas morning. today i scurried around looking for this cd, only to come back with nothing. i drove to complete opposite ends of town & finally hit the mall with the mentality of “fuck it i just don’t care anymore. i will drive allllll the way out there & pay the mall price of $20 just so i can have this cd.” well folks, apparently we only have 1 cd store in the mall & of course tangerine dream was not there.

hey, if anyone is looking for a road trip, hop on route 26 heading in the direction of state college/bellefonte. when you’re in the area you’ll see a sheetz & you’ll come in contact with the traffic light that has been possessed by the devil. i shit you not, it’s some freaky shiz, know what i’m sayin? when it’s red a purplish light flashes on & off inside the light & hypnotizes you & makes you think of satan. i mean, that’s what happened to me when i saw it. ahh, i’m lame, i know, but what can you expect when it’s close to christmas & i spend minimal time outdoors. oh yeah, i almost cried in the mall! the sentimental song really got to me & made me sad. or maybe it’s the fact that it reminded me i don’t have plans for new years yet. which happens to be my birthday also. my 21st. hopefully i get that figured out. blah, so now’s the time to get sappy & all & wish you fags a merry christmas, happy chanukah, happy kwanzaa & general happy holidays. i’m gonna hit upstate new york for a few days to bore myself to tears with the relatives.


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