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you guys should go sign my guestbook cuz it is barely full! i hated all the ads on the last one & i didn’t have full control over what i wanted. so i made one that i like. for fuck’s sake cgi is hard. it’s a good thing i could edit the html then it would do all the other stuff. sometimes i wish i was an ist major. being an american studies major is cool. i take pretty much whatever class i want & then i graduate & have a hard time finding a job. i can’t wait to grow up & hit the mean streets!

horrible classes that i was forced to take & that i hated:



fun classes i actually wanted to take:


COMMUNICATIONS (film history & theory) >> B

AMERICAN STUDIES (hollywood & the culture of violence) >> A-

those fucking stupid gay classes fucked up my gpa this time around & i still have 2 more spanish classes to go & the dreaded math. ok, scratch that, i’m glad i’m not an ist major. i love liberal arts.

merry christmas

so it’s just a few more days till christmas & tonight i went out & got almost everything i needed for people’s presents. tonight was go finish christmas shopping & instead buy things for myself night. of course it was toilet paper, light bulbs, coffee, deodorant, floss, etc. you know, i should have just put them on my christmas list. “dear santa, for christmas this year i really want toilet paper & razors!” i think i’m going to dump them in my stocking just for kicks.

anyway, i need to get this cd that my dad wants. it’s by this band called tangerine dream. weird shit it is, & kinda hard to find. i’d order off the web but since i turned in my list late, so did my dad. an eye for an eye let me tell you. so i’m gonna be scrambling around town looking for this damn cd. i’m on a mission to find the one he wants, too, not just any old tangerine dream cd. countdown 2 days to track it down in town. last minute shopping is great.

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