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ok it seems people are ashamed to be me in the cam girl quiz. die.

touch me i’m dick. hi. you might remember that from the movie singles. that movie has been on a lot, but it’s not on right now, so i don’t know why i thought about that. anyway, i’ve been watching that movie & moping in my singleness. i have spent 98% of my life single…i calculated this. i did that awhile ago so it’s probably about 99% now. this is also counting the 2 whole dates i’ve ever been on & the like .5 random hookups, if you can call it that. but after watching that movie i have concluded that i am bridget fonda’s character. go watch that movie. it is me. there’s something about the holidays that pisses me off. it’s those fucking couples everywhere i look. i want to barf. i have severe emotional problems & i will die lonely & alone. merry christmas!

i love the holidays! last night i wanted subway because it has been almost a week since i’ve had it & that my friends is just unacceptable. so since i don’t eat at normal hours, i got hungry around 9:45 pm. well it’s christmas break & i figured things would be closed early & i figured 10 was a good time to close since they normally close at midnight. how wrong i was. so mcdonalds was a block away, why not try that. it was also closed. well. tonight i went outside. outside at a normal hour to get coffee. the time – 6:30. coffee place – closed. the time – almost 7. mcdonalds – closed. ladies & gentlemen, mcdonalds, which is downtown where things are lively & kicking *cough* was closed before 7 pm. i live in a ghost town. for the love of god what is going on?

ok so there’s 5 days until christmas & i haven’t made out my christmas list yet. i have also not gone out shopping for people yet. do i wait until the last minute to do things? nah. i did buy my cousin something since we have this christmas exchange thing & i almost did something really bad. see, i am a cheapskate. i hate spending money on people but i think it’s ok because i hate spending money on myself. so while i went out & bought a generic bath & body works gift package thing (on sale) i also decided i would send out this cup/bowl thing that says penn state on it that my old boss gave me over the summer. basically it’s this ugly, useless tool thing that i would never use. nothing wrong with recycling old useless gifts, right? i mean hell, it saves money. well, that’s not the bad part. the bad part is that i’ve used this thing before because i will use anything to hold my coffee as long as i don’t have to wash dishes. & i also like to leave dishes in the sink for weeks on end. so i take out this cup/bowl thing in all it’s fungi glory & decide i’m gonna wash it off & give it to my cousin. well, after scrubbing for a very long time i got it about as clean as it could get. it looked slightly used so that could be very bad. i ended up not sending it only because the box i was going to mail everything in only had enough room for the bath & body works thing. so there you go. i am officially a bad person. not horribly bad because i didn’t send it, but bad for considering it. so now you know how to be cheap on christmas. one tip though, it’s gotta look brand new. clothes are tough because you can tell when something’s been washed & the tags wont be on. but shitty clothes other people gave to you that haven’t been worn are golden.

so with that aside, take a look at my wishlist. they say they wont be delivered by christmas…but you know what? they’ll make it for my birthday! yes, i am turning 21! a special birthday indeed. it only comes once in a life time! well, so does every other birthday but 21 is important. 20 & 22 really aren’t. so hook this brotha up with the holiday/birthday love, k?

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