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i am rhitard!

you are rhiannon of out of the three rhiannons who are cam girls, you’re the only one who’s not an aussie whore! you are more or less asexual but you won survivorcam 2 in a landslide victory, thus proving that you don’t need skin to win. people tend to think you’re a bitch, albeit a quiet one, but once they get to know you you’re likable, although your favorite phrase is “eat shit.” like most self-respecting american college kids, you like beer. and you have a strange fixation with nay. you need help.

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this great idea was brought to you by bertie & jodee. i was originally supposed to be in it but i didn’t fill out the questionaire in time. but i was supposed to be added later. but then it was too much work. but then it was fixed because i’m so damn irresistible. take it now, ok. good. anyone who is me, or wishes they were me, let me know, k?

ok so i was in new york over the weekend. it was ok. as much fun as a trip with your mom can be. artfag & i were supposed to go out & meet some people but yeah, we suck. but yeah, i didn’t get mugged, see prostitutes, or any famous people & in all honesty i just walked around the city being cold. we got some shopping done & i have to say soho is the place for me. they have those fun, funky, trendy stores. we have 1 store like that here called metro. the thing is, it’s the only cool store, so they jack up the prices because they can. the stores in new york were a lot like metro but since there are a bunch of them, they really couldn’t be as expensive as metro. so i picked up a few tops. wow, a great story, i know. i didn’t really know where to go because i’m not a typical girl when it comes to shopping. i know nothing about the cool hip places to go & i’m utterly clueless when it comes to clothing brands. i get sick of shopping after about an hour usually & i just get pissed off & bitchy. all i know is i went to prada since it just opened & i don’t care how impressive it is, paying $650 for sweaters is a bit um…too much? i guess i like being cheap because not only would i never be able to afford that crap, i don’t even like it all that much.

so yeah, not much to say about my trip. we went on a bus tour around the city <3 being a tourist! & hung out with my mom's gay friends. the real highlights of my trip was hanging out with this guy i’m stalking my friend who used to live here & watching pink floyd: the wall on vh1. i go to giant mega cities to do the things i can do at home. too bad there weren’t any crazy terrorist stories to come back home with. considering my luck, i’m surprised the world trade center deal didn’t go down while i was visiting.

so now it’s time to go check up on all the sites i read daily & general people i like that i haven’t gotten to see in 5+ days. i’m most impressed with the fact that i managed to survive that long without a computer. it’s good to know my internet addiction isn’t as strong as my cocaine addiction.

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