December 18, 2001 0

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the results are in: my page is up & i can update. my internet? well, it’s been almost 3 weeks & unless i’m doing something wrong it’s still not back! thank you, at&t & @home! you make my life worth living! well, i just got back from nyc, & i’m tired so i’ll write about that later. i’m just glad i can say, hi i’m back! i’m going to hop on over to my favorite at&t customer care chat where i will be customer # 2835702357 in line to bitch & moan. * well scratch that! oh happy day i am freed from the modem! my connection’s even faster, too, since no one’s left in this town to suck up the bandwidth. oh yes, i is happy. i is also dead tired. tomorrow i play all day.

also, there’s a “if i were a cam girl who would i be?” internet quiz floating around out there. i’d give the link, but since i was out of town when the questions were sent & didn’t get them in on time, i wont link it till i’m added because i am retarded like that.

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