November 28, 2001 0

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tomorrow i beat my spanish group to death. tonight i give up & say fuck it & go to bed early. go vote + for me over at camwhores. i’m stupid & i don’t think they like me. “they” being the people who enjoy watching videos of people eating shit & having sex with dead deformed babies. ok so i like that stuff too, but yeah. i’m a wanna-be. i’m also an asshole too, but we’ll save that for another day.

wow, transitions suck. transition back to “normal” sleeping patterns i’m talking about. take monday. i missed 75% of my classes because i was sleeping. i slept from 11 am till 7 pm. see, i was up all night then hit my first class then crashed. i was going to take a 2 hour nap but both of my alarms didn’t go off. so monday was basically a waste, not to mention today, too. & tomorrow i’m sure. but i did get one of my survivorcam prizes. doctor grosz sent out his band’s cds & some stickers. they aren’t so bad. if you’re curious (& i know you are) go check them out here. i also got a free hat from mbna. would i be a bad person if i gave a free gift to someone for christmas? i don’t want it & my dad might like it. i’m so cheap.

well i’m going to bed. i’m not in the mood to write anything of worth & i have spanish to do all tomorrow. let me say it again, i hate spanish. fuckity fuck fuck. it’s near the end of the semester, too, so i have to start doing work. it’s been brought to my attention that i have not tripped once this semester. in fact i haven’t done much of anything. what a gay semester this has been. way to go depress myself.

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