November 27, 2001 0

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i didn’t get to go grocery shopping last night cuz i forgot my wallet. i hate that. at least i didn’t go to the store & buy everything then find out i had no wallet. what would you do?? having like $40 worth of food rung up & absolutely no way to pay? that will happen to me someday just because it sucks & sucky things happen to me. i was lucky this time. although i’m gonna be hungry later on this week. i like grocery shopping. well, i don’t like having to get off my ass into the car to drive out there & then lug all my bags home when i’m done, but the actual shopping process is fun. they play the best music in there. they do. it’s like soft rock. not quite elevator music, but it’s fun & spunky. i like to sing along & bob up & down while riding my cart down the lanes. it’s really a-ok once you’re there. the only thing i hate is the the do-it-yourself check out. i’m afraid of it. i wait in line for the regular lane instead of going to that. the cashiers do it all for me. further proof that i can not function in life on my own. i need someone to help me. how deep & philosophical this turned out to be.

sluts & losers is back. go see cuz it looks nice & it’s good reading. & while we’re on the topic of sluts & things, take a look at sluts & funnel cakes. i’m noticing a trend here. maybe the rhiannons of the net (hey there’s a bunch you know) should get the url oh i crack myself up!

last night i got my tv tuner card working. anyone who has stb tv pci & windows 2000 knows that it’s fucking impossible to get it to work. there are a bunch of websites out there with people working on fixing the problem since the company sure as shit wont. so i was looking around & downloading some drivers here & there & this program dscaler & low & behold…it worked! well, kinda. see, i only got 4 channels…17-20. espn, espn2, the local ad channel, & fx. i don’t like sports. well, i fucked with channel frequency & all that & i couldn’t get anything. i don’t get it…why do i get these 4 random channels & nothing else? at least i could get channel 3 or 4 so i could hook up the vcr. i don’t ask for much, here. come on, work with me. i just don’t get it. but i do get why people sit in front of their tv & watch channels that are out of frequency & think aliens are speaking to them. that shit’s freaky. i definitely think aliens could be contacting us through wavelengths & frequencies. don’t fuck with that shit, you’ll get brainwashed. anyway, i’m selfish. i want more channels! this is where i ask you, readers, if you have any experience with this crap. i have cable television & i want to be able to watch all fucking 60+ channels on my computer! & being greedy & clueless to what i was doing, i decided to fuck with the settings & what happens? i get no channels. fucking ass, now i’ve gone & done it & i’m pissed. either way though, i’m a little better off than the last time i tried this because at least i get snow on the channels & all the yellow exclamation points have disappeared from the device manager. oh this will work. it will. you’ll be glad, too…oh yes.

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