November 25, 2001 0

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from my mailbox: “I’m very wealthy…need a sugar daddy?” step on over to the wishlist, buddy.

anyway, i got a clockwork orange today! thanks to whoever got me that. i’m gonna watch it tonight…something to do. i’m not a fan of holidays for the fact that i have absolutely nothing to do. last night i cleaned my apartment. tonight after watching movies i will clean some more. talk about a wasted weekend…i slept until 7 pm today. you’d figure i’d do something with my time off, but no, i will stay up until 6 am on the internet bitching about how bored i am, but instead of going to bed, io will just look at random websites. then come school time i will find tons of things i need to do…but they will conflict with my work. it’s the nature of the beast. you should see me all summer. i’m disgusting. i wont bathe for days or leave my apartment. hahaha.

so besides doing absolutely nothing these past few days, i’ve actually spent a lot of time conferencing. i never do that but i manage to do it twice in like 2 days. i’ve decided that i would like to listen to people’s phone conversations more often. what kind of tools do i need to be able to tap into people’s phones? i don’t talk much, but i love to listen to other people. kinda like the attraction of voyeurism to you freaks who watch the cam. well, since i had a nice phone conversation with the boys of telcobox, i’ll give them a plug – plug. they are pretty cool. i also wasted a good hour & a half with the sick individuals of mr mittens. seriously, just check that out & you will understand. the people i associate with…

ok so here’s a story. the other weekend i was out & talking to a friend when i find out some dirt on this girl i hate. i mean despise. i wish death upon her. i call her hobag & good god she is. anyway, i finally learned her name & just heard some old nasty stories about her & her friends. so, i come home all drunk & what do i do? i open the stalker directory & search for everyone with that name. i dunno her last name so i copied email addresses for all these girls & plugged them into aim to find out screen names. so there you go. i am a complete psychopath. why did i do this you ask? well, if she has aim & i have her name i can seethe with rage every time she comes online & start screaming “i fucking hate you cunt!” & so i know when other people are online at the same time as her so i can freak out & get all pissed off that they could possibly be talking. ok yeah so this is totally nuts. but i know i’m not the only one who does this…so it’s kinda normal, right? i have so many people on my list that i don’t talk to…but they’re just on. you know, ex girlfriends of ex boyfriends. & general people i hate (& like) but i still want to read their away messages & profiles. ha. so yeah, i just wanted to share that. i’d post a picture but she is so barf-o-rama & even though this bitch has straight up given me dirty looks & told my friends that she doesn’t like me, people who might know her might read this. & i don’t need that. so yeah, stop acting like you’re all that, std-face. wow! i’m really a healthy & balanced individual. & my mama didn’t teach me very good cuz yes, i diss people on the internet. still like me, ok?

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