November 23, 2001 0

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holy shit. i am addicted to jodee, too! I AM NOT WORTHY!

so what did you guys all have for dinner? i had turkey! i think some other people had turkey too. that’s pretty cool that other people had the same dinner as me. tonight was relatively boring, but i talked about guns with this old dude. he invited me over so i can ride his dog sled & shoot silent machine guns. he was kinda scary. anyway, that is all.

oh looks like internet gossip got hacked again. finally i get to see one of these mysterious hacks that they always seem to have. that site is great, i don’t care what anyone says. i dunno about the rest of you but you need to get over the pedophile thing. i guess it’s all that time spent on cu-seeme but i’m so used to seeing 40+ dudes whackin’ it for anyone in the room…even the 16 & 17 year old girls. you figure there’s about 30 people in there…male & female. & these dudes are just going to town. oh no, people jerk off on cam, someone notify the ny times! now i’ve gotten all worked up…time to hop on cu. you kids with cams should join me. email me for info regarding the best thing in videoconferencing & time wasting.

i feel so alone! ok, so i live alone but no one is in this town right now, so it just feels empty. there’s like 2 lights on in the apartment across from me. but really there’s only old people & foreigners wandering around the streets. actually it’s not as bad as christmas…that’s when it’s a fucking ghost town. i don’t mind though, i get to play my music loud & sing & dance. i get all weird about that when there’s people around. things i’ve learned since living here is not to have loud sex or sing in the shower. i’ve heard both. i don’t want people to hear me. sing that is. cuz that’s all anyone would hear from me. i wonder if my neighbors hear me talking to myself. i do that a lot. i’m also kinda loud. i used to love it when i was the only one in the dorms…i’d blast my music & smoke like a chimney.

so yeah i changed things a bit. i had the idea for a bit but blame artfag for this mess because she suggested i make the blog the main focus, with my “articles” off to the side. way to make me self conscious there. i don’t want this crap to be the main attraction for the site. this used to be here as a filler while the articles were the important things. but, i’m too lazy at updating that, so now i don’t have to worry about cramming those in every week. hey, at least they’ll be better now or something. so now i have to keep you folks entertained with my rambling about nothing. but do i really have anything worth reading? nah. i will try though! i’m 100% sure things will stay this way. i think i need more stuff under the features. ideas? ideas? i’m stuck. but this is how it will stay for the time being, i’m just not sure. i’m not someone to change my layout every 2 weeks. i want to find the perfect design for me & keep it that way forever. or just make it better. you know.

you suck well, i don’t think i’ll update tomorrow since i’ll be home, although i will be bored as all hell. i have the option of coming back here to my computer with all my illegal things & the cam & a cable modem, but i’ll cut some slack & kick it at home. every year we have this giant dinner. my mom invites all the grad students & foreigners at her office over for dinner so there’s all these random strangers around. i’d rather it be a small family function but what can you do. at least i don’t have to deal with the bastard children anymore. god they sucked. back when my computer was at home i had to entertain them so i let them play games. i don’t have children’s games so i let them play vigilance, a fun little shooting game. then the parents said something to me about how they didn’t approve of their kids playing violent games. i was like, oh yeah, they’re playing solitaire. i tried to get them on cu-seeme to see if there were any wankers on. i am that twisted where i want evil children to be exposed to naked old farts beating off online. but instead i just took pictures of them on the cam. thank christ they wont be here this year. nothing like trying to escape a big scoial function only to find your escape route has been taken over by pokemon worshipping rats.

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