November 21, 2001 0

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what is this?? the login rhitard for @home is reserved. that means i can’t have it. that means someone took my name. that is my name. bitches. now i’m gonna have to pick the name punkrockcoolchick42069 or something. i’m currently discussing this right now with my @home customer care specialist in our chat session. jealous much are you??

slack on the updates, i know. but i had to deal with school. monday was great, i got 2 1-hour naps in a about a 36 hour period thanks to my shit schedule & my stat exam. after you hit a certain mark of no sleep you start to get all funny. i was quite funny. you might have seen my giant head of broccoli that i named herman last night. we were gonna go out to damon’s to play trivia all night but it was packed & we had to settle for ruby tuesdays. i farted & burped & rambled aimlessly in my delirious state. i giggled a lot when i asked for my box to take herman home. but i usually do that sort of thing. ok, so i’m changing things a little bit so expect that soon. nothing big. & school’s out for break, aw yeah. but i’m gonna go back to my chat & figure out some acceptable login. maybe i’ll have some fun with this guy. a/s/l? wanna cyber? since i’m a customer & the customer is always right he should comply to my request. i could have fun with that job. probably get fired though…

ok, scratch that last bit. this guy is cool. & i have never felt as popular as i do right now. yes ladies & gentlemen, this is part of the actual convo i had with my customer service specialist!


i like keeping it real, you feel me? being professional sucks when you don’t have to, so the fact that this guy just bullshitted around with me, being a little less “professional” than The MAN in charge might like, is great. i hardly ever got to bullshit with customers when i was a telemarketer. i didn’t want to sell credit cards, i wanted to waste time & talk to people while getting paid. formal & professional is boring. i’m fun & exciting, & oh so fresh. so yes, when i work my summer id office job, i’m giving the “real deal” tips on college life for those little freshmen turds:

“this is the place to go to parties…you can get beer & bitches. & this bar will let you in with a fake id. oh you live in that dorm? sucks for you, they’re all homosexuals there. take this class, you can cheat so easy.”

but professional as always with the parents:

“why yes, ma’am, the poster says 75% of penn state students drink responsibily. in all honesty i think it’s more around 85%”

anyway, back to business. webmail blows. the person who reserved rhitard is gay. i am not creative with names, so i had to settle. kinda “eh” on this, but it works. so, email me at

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