November 19, 2001 0

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it’s a wonder i didn’t wet my bed last night. no, i wasn’t that fucked up. it was my faucet. most people have faucets that will do a steady drip, but mine would just randomly trickle a little stream for awhile & stop. sounded like someone was taking a piss in the corner of my kitchen.

so i stayed up last night to watch those meteors. maybe it was me but i wasn’t all the impressed. well, i didn’t go outside, i just looked out my window. i bet that had something to do with it. i finally realized i was supposed to stare at the sky for awhile. so every once in awhile those little fuckers were flying by. now i was entertained, but anyone could be enter- tained by anything in my state if you get what i’m saying. i was just expecting more. yeah.

would anyone like to help me understand the concept of no parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk? now maybe it’s me, but i don’t see a problem with that. god made a crosswalk in the road so people could cross the street, being that the street is made for cars. when i parked my car, i made sure not to block walkways & crosswalks. i was in between 2, but a few feet from the lines. i don’t see why i need to be 20 feet away from the lines when i’m clearly not taking over any part of the sacred crosswalk. like pedestrians even give a shit, they’ll cross the road anywhere. fucking ass, it was a football weekend, too. i wasn’t supposed to get any tickets. next thing you know they’ll start ticketing for not being 20 feet away from the car in front of you.

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