November 16, 2001 0

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attempting to update drunk sucks. i hate it. but i am now miss survivorcam 2 & i am happy. more on that later.

so artfag is trying to corrupt me, that whore. she forced me to go out to this party when i should have been doing homework. what the fuck man, it’s almost 3 am. you know i would be sleeping right now…right? haha yeah so it’s the other way around. i am miss party animal & i’m always trying to lure people over to my side. i usually do. & i have sucked her into my world of sex, drugs, rock & roll, & orgies & stuff. you know. oh yeah, go read her article on cam boys. it’s funny. i once thought there was going to be a point to this but i think i was mistaken. i am going to be very tired for classes tomorrow & i have to write this gay spanish thing because i didn’t do it tonight. i really wish i had. oh yeah, this was my point. so i was at this party with all my buds i haven’t seen in awhile. & what do i do? i find a computer to see if the official word that i’d won survivorcam was up. & it was & i tried to show people & they didn’t care. so that’s it. later.

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