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american jackass again found me worthy as someone to give thanks to. or maybe it’s the support. i guess sending in titty pictures for links really works. i know they’re post- ed somewhere on that site.

speaking of titty pictures, if you’ve been following my site, you know the most you’ll get out of me is a bit of leg when i stand up to go to the kitchen to get food. i know this because it’s what you sick sick people add to my favorites on camrecord. freaks. anyway, my stand- ing of a g-rated camgirl has shot way up to pg-13 thanks to survivorcam. i feel so dirty. so it looks like i’m just gonna continue with my pg-13 sluttiness & have fun with fetishes.

livian’s gonna be departing from the net soon for thailand. long before any of you knew who she was, we were buds. i remember last year when she went to thailand & she’d talk to me on icq from random internet cafes. craziness i tell you.

oh, & i missed scrubs last night. i’m really pissed about that cuz it’s my new favorite show. the only show i watch on a regular basis is days of our lives cuz it’s on every day & i’ve been a dedicated worship- per for the past 5 years. every other show i like i forget to watch. god dammit, i’m mad. more plugs coming soon i’m sure.

all right, so i’m a little more with it today after finally getting some sleep, although that included skipping class. i have so much to catch up on as far as school goes & hell, even reading my favorite websites. i’ve been like a zombie for the past week. last week was hell week with school, & then survivorcam this week. i’m sad it’s over, cuz i just love doing crazy shit on cam. of course i’ll keep doing it, but it wont be the same. so what are my thoughts? well i’ll save those till the game’s officially over, but right now i am very nervous! thank god this paper i have to write is only 2 pages cuz i’m gonna be hanging around the survivorcam judge orgy like a fly on shit. [not important shit, edited out] but, if you are a judge or contestant who wants me to kiss ass till your head explodes to sway your vote, i am ready, willing, & able! grr, this is nerve racking. i’d be more excited though if i didn’t have such horrible cramps. feel sorry for me please. this was a gay post, sorry.

oh yeah, check out camrecord for my 24 hour cam madness images!

finally i am done! well, not completely, i still have some more of cookie’s challenges to go, but those will be fun! her challenge was by far the best cuz we get to do whatever we want. i spent 8 hours on the last challenge…was up until 6 am. i’m just exhausted from doing this. i really hope this paid off. but yeah, i’ll be getting back to normal now. well, gotta keep this short cuz i’m tired & i gotta keep those images moving.

donations to the pot always help because this was a lot of work. hope you got a kick out of my entries. & wish me luck for the final tally of votes!

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