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Rhi^2 Road Trip, Setpember 2008: State College!

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The second we returned to State College from NYC, we went straight to the bar for The Rocky Horror Show rehearsal. After an exhausting, non-stop week, it was time for home! I had work the next day, ugh…

State College

State College is a medium-sized town with a large university, in the middle of nowhere. But, with college towns come college bars (with college prices), and it was off to karaoke at the Saloon! There we purchased dangerously large and inexpensive drinks, called Monkey Boys and hit the stage.

We sang Wilson Phillip’s Hold On and were able to cut in line to sing Men at Work’s Down Under after drunkenly and adamantly telling the DJ that she was here from Australia and would never ever come back again. We stayed until the bar closed and then chatted up a friend until the wee hours of the night. I had work the next day too, UGH.

State College was relatively low key, and while we never made it to an Outback, we invited some boys out for some breasts and beer at Hooters (yes!), and coffee and dessert at Denny’s (depressing).

And really, can a foreigner visit the U.S.A. and NOT go to Wal-Mart? Of course not!! Mmmm, anything you want (including guns!), 24/7 and super cheap. I took her there to make fun of people, but she loved the low low prices and convenience. Hmm…

The layover in State College was brief, as we had leg 2 of the tour to go…Oh, Canada!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven't read your blog in a while. When did you cut your hair to shoulder length? It looks nice.

  2. reanon says:

    ahh i went to Hooters at the Gold Coast yesterday. totally thought of you. the girls in state college were so much hotter than the Gold Coast girls. bah!
    And just like with you, i couldn't eat it all so i got them to bundle it all up in the styrofoam boxes and ate it again for dinner last night. OM NOM NOM

    oh man monkey boys were soooo good. i still tell people about them. 1 is not quite enough, but 2 is waaay too much.
    ahhh yes and then hanging around til early in the morning chatting with Rocky the hottie! shit what was his real name again? heheh he'll always be Rocky to me.

  3. D.B. Echo says:

    Heh. I just spent about ten minutes trying to remember how to find your blog (Rhi Rocks? Riannon? Rhitard? Wait, I can get there from Sammie's in two moves, but – aaagh! Sammie's links are gone, and no more Aussie Rhiannon blog, I think), because I was wondering if you EVER got around to posting about Rhiannon's visit and road trip. How funny that these were some of your most recent posts, and from just a week ago!

    I think the same thing whenever I see that sign for Scotrun.

  4. D.B. Echo says:

    …I meant "a few weeks ago."

  5. n0tlob says:

    What you don't know: We had to wait 12 f****** months for that road trip post!!!

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